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Ky designs captivating and lively images in a style that is unique and adaptable. She is a delight to deal with, her humour is ever present, the questions she asks are on point, clarifying and helpful. She has been a fantastic guide. I highly recommend Ky for her clarity of communication, ability to create lively attractive materials within constraints and sheer joy of presence in a room.
Lillian Pang  Storyteller
Her knowledge of publishing and printing requirements and her professional liaison with the printer in Thailand was a blessing for me. It relieved me of learning up-to-date terms and techniques in book construction, publishing requirements and layout impact. Ky is an easy person to get on with, communicating well in person and by phone and email. Most notably Ky got the job done.
Leon Fuller  Author
Ky is an enthusiastic and charismatic creative leader. Ky has excellent stakeholder management skills, she’s a great presenter and takes care to bring others on the “journey”. Ky brings a calm, professional focus to situations where decision making can be challenging for a group. She understands how to maintain an inclusive working environment that accommodates competing needs and egos. Ky is one of the best professional creatives I’ve worked with.
Joe Smith  UX Design Director
She created a beautiful logo, which she then used on banners, posters, and across all business documentation, both paper and online. The logo image was fresh, visually descriptive and really set a standard for what visitors could expect at the show. The image captures attention because of its beauty, clever design, colour combinations and the ability to draw the viewer into the image. We had a great working relationship and I have learnt a lot from Ky. She communicates in a professional manner and delivers the goods.
Jo Reed  Event Manager
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